Independant Chair Person


De Externe Voorzitter

The independant facilitator of your meeting

Creating mutual understanding, decision & result

De Externe Voorzitter facilitates your meeting with ease

Chairing the meeting

As an independent chairperson I help the team/committee to maximize talent, to stimulate interaction and to achieve great results in less time.

Public-private partnership

Dealing with several interests, opinions & people is not easy. I design & facilitate your meeting to connect people, to bring them together to decision & result.

For information, please contact Nathalie Vrancken, +31 (0) 6 22 9394 32.

Coaching & support

I coach you in your role as chairperson to be a more effective & to have more possitive impact on participants of the meeting.

Self-Evaluation Advisory Board

Advisory Boards continually need to monitor and improve their performance. I facilitate the evaluation not by handing over & discussing checklists but through unconventional and personal group dialogue.

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